Today’s Cutting Edge Approach to Supplements

Today’s Cutting Edge Approach to Supplements

Today's Cutting Edge Approach to Supplements

Maintaining an active lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, and taking nutritional supplements are some of the ways by which you can optimize your health and modify risk factors for disease. If you take vitamin supplements, knowing exactly which vitamins to take can be challenging. After all, consuming the wrong supplements or unrequired vitamins in large doses can be just as bad as not consuming any. In an ideal setting, you should take specific vitamins your body requires in exact quantity!

We are very excited to partner with Vitagene, a start-up in Silicon Valley at the cutting edge of supplemental medicine. Vitagene creates customized supplements for each of its client using genetic information by sampling DNA through a simple saliva swab. Your genes provide a blueprint on which your body is built. The color of your eyes, your skeletal structure, your height and other similar traits are all written in your genes; and so is your predisposition towards certain conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

A careful analysis of your DNA can provide information about which vitamins and nutrients your body could potentially benefit from in order to plug the gaps in your genetic makeup. Insight into how your body processes sugar, your ability to tolerate daily products, your tendency towards accumulating bad cholesterol, and what foods you need to avoid or consume to avoid possible health pitfalls can also be obtained. Based on your DNA sample, you will also be told which type of exercise routine your body is geared up for. For example, some individuals may be more suited towards power training whereas others will experience dramatic results with endurance training.

For bariatric patients, the vitamin supplementation program is tailored made to help you continue to lose weight in the most efficient way possible without the fear of losing out on important nutrients. Following your weight loss surgery, a 30-day supply of supplements will be conveniently delivered right at your doorstep. Your progress will be monitored and adjustments will be made as necessary. In addition to unlocking vital information about your genetic background from your DNA sample, information regarding your medical history, lifestyle, and health goals are obtained to determine the best possible future course of action. By leveraging the power of genomics, achieving your weight loss goals has been made simple and well within your reach. We are truly excited to be instrumental in advancement in this new approach to supplementation.

Dr. Marc Zaré specializes in minimally invasive surgery and believes that modern surgery should be innovative, non-invasive, and patient-centered. His mission is to provide every patient compassionate surgical care based on sound scientific evidence. With more than 15 years of experience in clinical practice, Dr. Zaré is considered to be a leader and one of the foremost experts of his field in Northern California. He is recognized for his surgical skills, clinical expertise, and superior outcomes.