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In Patient’s Own Words

Jackie S San Jose, CA

How do I even begin? Dr Zare, life changer, life saver, my real-life guardian angel. I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy on April 10th, 2017. On the day of my surgery I weighed in at 393 lbs. Today, 15 months later, I can say, very proudly, I weigh 199 lbs!!! I think I'm still processing that... My surgery went off without a hitch. I couldn't have had a better experience from the planning stages with Amelia to post recovery. He is by far the best in the business. The only thing I wish I could change, is that I had the courage to do it years ago... Thank You Dr Zare, for giving me my life back, for giving my son his mommy back, & for giving my husband his wife back. You literally changed my life.
Tammy R. San Francisco, CA

I'd been considering bariatric surgery for several years. On the recommendation of my Dr. Jon Scott I chose Dr. Zare. I was told that there was no second choice. Dr. Zare is the very best. I spent 6 months preparing for my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, meeting monthly with Dr. Zare, and had a successful surgery in 12/27/2019 just before the end of the year, thank you Dr. Zare.
Kathleen R.Santa Clara, CA

I want to update my review and say how thankful I am for Dr. Zare and the VSG surgery. My surgery was 8/27, so just a little over 7 months ago. Today I was at a dog show and was able to not only show my own dog but also took 3rd place with him in the herding group. Before my surgery I could barely walk around the block and now I can walk a mile with my husband and the dogs and also walk fast enough to show my own dog and have success! I couldn't have done this without Dr. Zare's help. If you are on the fence about getting weight loss surgery get off the fence and call Dr. Zare's office to make an appointment. It's a huge life changer.
Ron B.Campbell, CA

Dr Zare helped me with a bariatric sleeve operation. He and his staff helped me understand and what to expect regarding every aspect of the process - pre-op, during the procedure, and post-op.

I was of course apprehensive of the whole thing at first, but Dr Zare and his whole team demonstrated through action that they really care about the people they help, and it shows in everything they do.

Dr Zare has a great "bedside manner" - he's personable, polite, friendly, and is happy to answer any questions - with pictures ;-). No "me surgeon, you patient" attitude here.

Finally, I will say that any concerns I had about having this procedure were unfounded -- while it is of course a big decision, NONE of the things I was worried about came to pass, and a lot of this is due to Dr Zare and his team, and the excellent preparation and care they provide.

Stop worrying and just do it.

Ariana A.Los Banos, CA

I had my VSG surgery 08/05/2019 and I am down 41lbs as of today! (9/12/2019) Dr. Zare and his staff are THE BEST! They made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole process. They were patient, kind, encouraging, and very helpful. The girls at the front were very sweet, and Dr. Zare was very kind as well. He made me feel so comfortable that I didn't have any second thoughts at all. The day of surgery, I was SO ready, my family was more nervous than I was. He is a wonderful surgeon with great bedside manner. He made sure I was relaxed and comfortable the day of surgery, and hospital staff made sure I wasn't in pain, and pain was minimal after going home. I've had zero complications, and I am so grateful for everything this staff has done for me!
Michelle P.San Jose, CA

I'd been considering bariatric surgery for several years. On the recommendation of my neurologist, I chose Dr. Zare. I was told that there was no second choice. Dr. Zare is the very best. I spent 8 months preparing for my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, meeting monthly with Dr. Zare, and had a successful surgery in October 2019.

I have a very complicated health history, and Dr. Zare was incredibly thorough and compassionate in preparing me for my new lifestyle. With his guidance, I made gradual changes every month, improving my health and my thinking so that I would be in optimum condition for surgery.

It is fair to say that Dr. Zare and this surgery has changed my life more than I'd ever even hoped. I was insulin dependent diabetic, I had high blood pressure and persistent asthma. Since I left the hospital, my blood sugar has completely normalized, my blood pressure is perfect and I have not wheezed or coughed in weeks. I am off all medications for these conditions, and i could not be happier.

To anyone in search of a surgeon, you could do no better than Dr. Zare. He and his staff not only have amazing knowledge and skill but are the most compassionate and attentive medical and professional staff who have cared for me. I was as prepared as I could be, and Dr. Zare and his staff are always there to answer my questions and follow up on my condition and progress. He and his staff are simply the very best there is.

Leslie M.Los Gatos, CA

Dr Zare did my gastric sleeve in 2015. I work at a local hospital OR and he came highly recommended by the nursing and anesthesia staff. At almost 4 years post sleeve I am very happy with my choice of surgeon and the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. I wasn't sure which surgery was right for me but he knew the sleeve was the best option and explained why. I have two friends who have also had the same surgery with Dr Zare with successfully results. I see Dr Zare twice a year for follow up which is very motivating to keep the weight off. He truly loves what he does and cares deeply for his patients.
S J.Los Gatos, CA

Dr Zare, you're a magician. My weight has dropped by 50 pounds. A1C has dropped from 10.9 to 7 in a matter of 8 months. Labs look normal. From being very sick last October 2018, I'm now feeling like 35 years old. I can walk a mile without sitting. Previously I would sit every 25-30 steps. Thanks so much.
Jason FSan Jose, CA

Dr Zare performed a miracle. I have no real alternative way to express my treatment and success in the hands of Dr Zare.

I had a full sleeve gastrectomy and was understandably apprehensive approaching what was to be my first surgery of any type. He and his staff were completely professional, always calming and very thorough.

Im only a bit over a month post-op. Both pre-op and post-op have been wonderfully handled by the staff and I'd highly recommend Dr Zare for any bariatric needs.

Allan R.Santa Clara, CA

I wish I can give Dr. Zare 10 stars as he is one of the best doctors I've ever dealt with. He was recommended to me by my cardiologist to have the gastric sleeve preformed. I resisted and resisted and finally went in for an evaluation. He went over the different options with me and never put any pressure on me to do the surgery, he just gave me the information I needed to make my own decision. I was going to do the surgery, but After much pressure from friends and family, I put the surgery off for a year. After gaining even more weight, I went back to him to do the surgery. There was no judgment or questions about why I didn't do it sooner. He just reviewed the information with me and again let me make my own decision.

His staff is simply amazing! They are kind, caring and always ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns. They took care of all the insurance paperwork and scheduled the surgery. I was very limited on my timeline for the surgery, but they made it work.

The detailed information that I was given eased my mind as I was taken step-by-step through the preop, the hospital stay and the postop.

The surgery went very smooth and the recovery time was minimal.

I am now more than 70 pounds lighter (about 35% of my bodyweight) and off all of my cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes medications. I am exercising and able to do about 35 push-ups at a time! I could barely do one before. I can honestly say Dr. Zare saved my life!

Christine G.Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Zare is AMAZING!! I am so glad I chose him to be my surgeon. He did a wonderful job on my Roux-en-Y surgery and Gallbladder removal on 11/29/11. When I first met him, I instantly felt comfortable with his ability and was very confident with my decision to do the surgery and have him as my surgeon.

Also, unlike most surgeons Dr. Zare has amazing bedside manner. I would recommend him and Ben (who is equally amazing!) to anyone I know looking for a Bariatric Surgeon. Thanks Ben and Dr. Zare for giving me a new lease on life :-)

Marlene K.Meadow Vista, CA

Dr Zare performed the gastric sleeve surgery on me and I do not think it could have went any smoother. I went for the initial consultation in April and had the surgery in June. From the first appointment to the follow ups, it has been smooth, professional, and so easy. Dr. Zare is great, had no complications after the surgery, and he broke down the process so it's easy to understand. Amelia is such a star! She is so patient when explaining everything and so easy to work with regarding all the necessary pre-surgery requirements. If I had to re-do my surgery, I would definitely choose Dr. Zare again!

Kevin N.Felton, CA

Dr. Zare performed my gastric bypass surgery in Aug 2012. He was absolutely fantastic. Very professional and did a awesome job. I have lost about 150lbs so far and would highly recommend Dr. Zare. From the first consultation to my last checkup he has done a great job. He discussed all the options (Lap-band, sleeve, or Roux-en-Y) with me and helped me make the best decision for me. He didn’t try to push one particular procedure on me but we worked together to find the best procedure for my situation. Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

Laura G.Oroville, CA

Outstanding doctor! Dr. Zare changed my life with bariatric surgery in 2010. My health has improved dramatically, no more high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or GERD! I could not be happier. He advocated for me with my insurance company (along with Ben, his office assistant), and made the entire process stress free. Despite a few minor health issues since the initial surgery, I remain beyond pleased with the results and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering bariatric surgery. I have achieved goal weight and am healthier and happier than I can remember in a very, very long time. I am so thankful I had the surgery, and I'd do it again in a second (only MUCH sooner)!