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In Patient’s Own Words

Della D.

Dr. Zare performed repair of my large hiatal hernia 2 weeks ago. Dr. Zare's work was impeccable. Everything was repaired with minimal damage to the area. The first two weeks were definitely recovering from surgery, with some aches and pains and a limited diet. But, at 2 weeks, I am in nearly no pain, sleeping well, back to light exercise and stretching. Thanks to Dr. Zare, who is an experienced and gifted surgeon.
Phillip F.

Doctor Marc Zare preformed a Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia repair on me, and I am extremely happy with the results.

After the operation, I was virtually pain free, with no side effects or discomfort. I also had a fast recovery, I was up and about the next day doing errands, no one I saw that day could believe I had surgery the day before.

The whole process was very smooth, the office staff (Ashley and Ameila) are amazing! They are very polite, and caring, they will answer all your questions in a friendly manor. My surgery was performed at the Forest Surgery Center, The staff there was professional and Friendly, and they are well organized.

I found Dr. Zare’s website on the internet, and after reading about Dr. Zare, I knew he would be the best doctor to preform my Inguinal Hernia operation.

To Dr. Zare and staff, thank you all for the excellent care, and a very successful operation!
Albert C.

I underwent bilateral (both sides) Inguinal Hernia surgery, under the very competent hands of Dr. Zare. He used Total Extra Peritoneal (TEP) Laparoscopy (rather than the the Trans Abdominal Pre Peritoneal (TAPP) procedure. He inserted a concave shaped Mesh from Davol, with Sorba Fix absorbable Tacks. (Look up the products).

I was surprised that I need nothing more than Tylenol and Ibuprofen for pain after the outpatient surgery at the Knowles Surgery Center. I was generally recovered in a week's time and back to heavy bicycling after a month.

I contrast Dr. Zare's approach to another surgeon who wanted to use a more elaborate surgery in a full hospital setting with pre surgical drugs, all of which did not seem appropriate to me and I would guess have cost more.

My conclusion is that I emphatically recommend Dr. Zare and his anesthesiologist Iqbal Mirza, for my rapid recovery and excellent results.
Michael D. Millbrae, CA

Dr. Zare is amazing. He said he would take care of me, and he did. During this pandemic, he operated on my hernia. It was a great success. I was able to move around the next day, and went back to my routine one week later. Dr. Zare's professionalism and expertise are next to none. He is the doctor you can count on when it comes to your hernia repair. I highly recommend him.

Thank you, Dr. Zare!
Raj S. Milpitas, CA

From the initial consultation to pre-op, surgery and follow-up, Dr Zare was outstanding. He answered all questions, addressed my anxiety about surgery, gave me confidence based on his successes with the procedure.

I only wish I had not waited as long as I did to fix my hernia. It's been 5 weeks since the procedure and I am recovering just as he had said.

Thanks Dr Zare.
Miroslov K. San Francisco, CA

After reading a couple of posts from people which have permanent pain after having hernia surgery and that their life became the hell, I was very scared. I spent hours and hours reading the reviews here on Yelp in order to find a good surgeon. That is how I have found Marc M Zare, MD. I had hernia surgery almost two months ago. I never use any pain killer. Two days after surgery I was in a party for a couple of hours not thinking about surgery I had. Dr. Zare is an extraordinary surgeon.
Nasru L. Milpitas, CA

I had my hernia surgery four weeks ago by Dr. Marc M Zare. He did laparoscopic surgery it was very successful. Recovery was fast. I was able to get back to my daily routine in one week as he had said to me during the consultation. His staff is very nice and explained in detail about the surgery and follow up that was needed. I have a very high respect about the Dr. Marc for his experience in subject matters, he is a great surgeon.
Errol S. Saratoga, CA

Dr. Zare did laparoscopic surgery to repair a hernia. Every aspect of my experience with him was positive. He and his staff do everything possible to make the experience as effortless as a surgery can be. During the pre-surgery meeting Dr. Zare makes sure that you know what to expect and how recovery will be. Everything he said was very accurate and helpful. As for the surgery itself it was very successful.
S. A. San Jose, CA

Dr. Zare was recommended to me by my urologist and my PCP for treating a hernia. His performance of the open surgery was outstanding. The surgery was a great success. Within five days of the procedure I was feeling great and pain-free. So far it seems that the scarring is minimal. I would highly recommend seeking Dr. Zare out.
John E San Jose, CA

I'm 93 years old and was apprehensive about having major surgery, especially a double hernia operation. Dr. Zare' was recommended by my primary care doctor and he couldn't have picked a better surgeon. The operation went smoothly, and I took only two pain pills as a precautionary action as suggested by Dr. Zare'. After that, no pills, no pain. His demeanor prior to and after surgery was comforting and made me feel relaxed. I would, in a heartbeat, highly recommend Dr. Zare' to anyone needing specialized surgery.
Helen M Pebble beach, CA

This is the second review I am writing for Dr. Marc Zare. the first was in 2017 when I had Hiatal Hernia surgery. In July 2018 I had surgery to repair a large groin hernia. During the course of this surgery Dr. Zare discovered two smaller hernias that were repaired at the same time. By using the laparoscopic surgery procedure only three small incisions were required minimizing recovery time. I was back to my full, active schedule in about two weeks.

I highly recommend Dr. Zare for his surgical skills also his kind, caring mannerisms. His medical staff is competent, professional, and thorough. I would not hesitate to call Dr. Zare again should I require his medical expertise.
Wayne N. San Jose, CA

I had an inguinal hernia and went to Dr Zare. I think mine was a very straightforward case of laparoscopic surgery, and Dr Zare did a fine job -- nothing unexpected, quick recovery, he answered all my questions, no follow-on problems. I recommend him.
Ken T. Los Gatos, CA

My primary care physician referred me to Dr Zare for inguinal hernia surgery. I was very pleasantly surprised how little pain I experienced and how quickly I recovered from the surgery. Dr Zare's office was terrific to work with.
Joan S. Saratoga, CA

I was referred to Dr. Zare, by my primary care doctor, who told me
Dr. Zare is the best surgeon in Silicon Valley. He operated on her father.

He is fantastic! Not only is he artistic and kind but he is thorough and caring and everything you would hope for in a surgeon. His follow-through was good, and I have experienced no complications. I highly recommend him.
Martha R. San Francisco, CA

I have had two experiences in the last couple of years requiring my need for a surgeon.
Dr Zare came highly recommended. From the beginning, the staff treated me with courtesy and respect. Dr Zare has a gentleness combined with knowledge that gave me great confidence in his abilities. He explained everything in ways that I totally understood. My recovery was relatively short with no surprises. I am healthy! Thank you Dr Zare!
E. H. Cupertino, CA

After my consultation visit with Dr. Zare in August of this year where he came across extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions, so I decided to have my bi-lateral laparoscopic hernia surgery done by Dr. Zare. I had the surgery two weeks after the initial consultation. I am extremely happy with the results. My stomach area was a bit swollen for a few days but it's normal for this type of surgery. Had very little pain the first day and just took Tylenol for relief. Again, no complications experienced. I went easy the first two days after the surgery. I was out brushing my swimming pool on the third day. I've been playing tennis with my son for about two months now. I highly recommend Dr. Zare to anyone looking to have their hernia repaired.
C.C. San Jose

Has been two months since Dr. Zare repaired my hernia. I'm completely back to normal (actually was pretty much back to normal after about 3 weeks). When I compare notes with friends who have had inguinal hernias like mine, they can't believe it.
Russell P. San Jose, CA

I was referred to Dr Zare to repair an inguinal hernia. I was very happy with the surgical process and the team that was involved at the surgery center. It is very comforting feeling, before you are put under anesthesia, that the team of people around you are experienced professionals. Thank you, Dr Zare.
Charlie B. San Jose, CA

Dr. Zare came highly recommended for my hernia surgery. I can see why. This review is several months after the surgery. I feel great. To say surgery was a success would be an understatement. I am in my 80's, never felt better and continue to play pickle ball. Thank you Dr. Zare!!!!!
Aaron S. San Jose, CA

Dr. Zare performed my 3rd hernia repair surgery in the last 4 years. I experienced recurrence/complications after my two previous procedures (by other physicians) and came to Dr. Zare with the hopes of fixing this issue once and for all. He did not disappoint. He was professional and highly informative throughout the entire process. After a smooth and successful surgery, I have made a full recovery and returned to my normal active lifestyle. I would highly recommend Dr. Zare to anyone else out there.
Jennifer V. Sunnyvale, CA

Simply a fantastic experience! Dr Zare fixed my 2-centimeter umbilical hernia. Everything was great, scheduling, front desk, and Dr Zare himself! Recovery was easy. Just took Tylenol for 6 days. After that back to normal. Couldn't exercise for about 2-4 weeks after surgery but that is ok.
Rick R. San Jose, CA

Dr. Zare has done more than 3000 hernia surgeries without any complications. My own surgery was a relative "piece of cake". The surgery lasted 30 mins. I didn't need pain meds at home, beyond two Tylenol that night. Walked fine the next day and got back on the elliptical machine the second day after surgery. I was jogging within 5 days and playing tennis again within 10 days. 3 weeks later I can say I'm 100% recovered. I give this surgeon and the staff at Knowles Surgery Center my highest rating. If your need laparoscopic surgery, especially for an inguinal hernia, stop searching and call him. Although your results could differ, you'd be lucky to have results like mine!
Mishy N. San Jose, CA

The below review is written on behalf of my non-computer savvy father. I had a ruptured hernia. For this problem, Dr. Zare was recommended to me. He examined me and discussed my problem with me. After this lengthy discussion, I felt very confident in his abilities. He later performed surgery on me using a new method that was less invasive. After the surgery, I was very happy with the results. I would recommend him very highly to anyone.
JT H. Novato, CA

It’s been just over one year since Dr. Zare repaired my inguinal hernia and this review is unfortunately long overdue. Bottomline: I loudly echo all the five-star comments below. Read on for the specifics around my case:
I did EXTENSIVE research online -- read several technical papers and closely reviewed statistics between open and minimally invasive repairs. I live in Marin County and was offered multiple surgeons in Marin and San Francisco that I ruled out based on my research. I found Dr. Zare in San Jose and like others was convinced after my appointment with him. Thorough, thoughtful, experienced, confident and candid are all words that describe Dr. Zare's style in our first interaction. By total chance, there was a cancellation in Dr. Zare's surgery schedule, and I was able to get in for the procedure the very next day. Normally, I'd have wanted to "sleep on it" but given the research I'd done and the quality of the discussion we had regarding my options and likely outcomes I felt completely comfortable.
I forgot to mention that I was 42 at the time of surgery and had developed the hernia mountain biking to stay in shape between triathalons. I was focused on quality of repair and rapid recovery time and believe Dr. Zare delivered both well beyond my expectations.
I was home by noon the day of surgery. After a restful afternoon on the sofa w/ice and OTC pain meds, I was able to go for a short walk to the end of the block and back around 5 pm. My core felt tight but no pain. I slept well w/no pain and the only time I noticed pain was getting out of bed too quickly the next morning. I slowed down and took more OTC pain meds and was fine. I gradually lengthened and quickened my walks over the next week and was able to comfortably jog at 9 - 10 days. Punchline is that I did a sprint tri 29 days post surgery and felt great during and after. It’s now one year, several races, P90X workouts later and I can honestly say that the hernia repair never enters my mind.
I share all this not to brag, but to attempt to give you a sense of the quality of Dr. Zare's work. I can only credibly speak to my own experience and am certainly not recommending my unendorsed post op routine for someone who's not otherwise pretty fit going into surgery. However, If you're an athletic person, have done your research and determine minimally invasive surgery is your best option, look no further!
My sincerest thanks to Dr. Zare and his staff!
alex m. San Jose, CA

I had an inguinal hernia and Dr. Zare performed laparoscopic surgery to correct it. The whole staff was very efficient in setting up the appointments, communicating to me, prepping me for surgery, and completing the surgery and recovery. I was pain-free after the surgery and there were no problems. I was transferred to the operating room and was waiting to be told they were going to put me under. Next thing I knew I was in recovery and waking up. All done in less than 45 minutes! The surgery was done in an operating theatre near Knowles Street, not in a hospital. I was originally concerned about this but it was not a problem at all. Everything was set up and done professionally. I appreciate how the excellent staff valued my time and got me in and out while thoroughly answering all my questions. I also was impressed that each of the personnel took the additional repetitive steps of asking me the same questions to make sure I was the correct patient coming in for the correct procedure. This tells me they follow a strict, clear process to follow to avoid any errors. I would go back to Dr. Zare and his staff any time in the future if I ever need surgery again. They are the best!!
Aaron L. Santa Cruz, CA

Dr. Zare is highly competent and professional. My inguinal hernia surgery was perfect with no complications or scarring.
Rob T. Campbell, CA

I am very pleased with Dr Zare and his care. I had an inguinal hernia that needed repair. The surgery was easy and fast, I was fully recovered in about two weeks.
Pablo G. San Francisco, CA

I recently had a bilateral inguinal repair done by Dr. Zare.

I was diagnosed about 12 years ago with the hernia, but since it didn't bother me I never got it done. About 3 years ago I decided it was better to take care of it now, while it wasn't an emergency since these don't heal by themselves. I started looking for a doctor, but never found anyone I felt comfortable with. The last guy I saw wanted to do an open surgery and that didn't appeal to me.

Through my research, I knew it was important to find a surgeon who had done a LOT of laparoscopic surgeries - because these require a lot of skill. I couldn't find anyone in San Francisco that had done a lot of these. Through YELP, I saw Dr. Zare's reviews and decided to make an appointment to see how I felt with him.

I had my first consultation with Dr. Zare and he seemed very capable and confident, and had done hundreds (if not thousands) of these surgeries. He was the only doctor I've seen over 12 years that I trusted with my surgery. I made an appointment right away and decided to just get it done. Dr. Zare made it sound as routine as could be.

I didn't think about the surgery at all until the day of. Amelia, his assistant, took care of the scheduling, insurance pre-approvals, and anything else needed. The day of the surgery I showed up at the outpatient surgery center, got the IV put in, pre-op prep done, and went into the surgery room. Dr. Zare was there, and next thing I know I'm awake and my hernias are repaired.

Went home that same day, it felt like someone had punched me in the stomach but there was no pain when laying down or standing up, it was just during the transition from one position to the other. I took the pain meds he prescribed only that day. I was on Advil the next morning for a couple of days. I was up and walking that same evening (carefully), and up and walking/going outside the next day. Driving was a bit tough because of getting in and out of the seat so I minimized it. I had my surgery on a Tuesday. By Monday I was back at work.

No complications, recovery was exactly as Dr Zare described. When the nurse from the surgery center called me the next day to check in, she asked me to rank my pain level from 0-10. I said 0, because standing up I felt no pain.

It was worth waiting 12 years to find Dr. Zare. I wouldn't trust my laparoscopic repair to anyone else! Thank you Dr. Zare.
Thomas P. Saratoga, CA

Dr. Zare performed surgery on me to repair a bilateral hernia.

He was very attentive and informative, making sure I understood the procedure and answered all my questions. I was very pleased with the results, and recovery time. I had practically no pain after the surgery, and after only a day away from work, felt comfortable enough to go about my normal daily activities.

Ben, and his office staff were very friendly and efficient...making sure that all things were handled before and after the surgery. I would also recommend the Silicon Valley Surgery Center on Bascom Ave where the procedure was performed. Their staff and facilities were equally efficient, very friendly and professional.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my procedure and would highly recommend Dr. Zare and the SV Surgery Center for anyone needing a hernia repair.
Faheem D. San Jose, CA

I had inguinal hernia for over a year and finally I decided to get it treated. After research and talking to doctors I decided for laparoscopy. Overall I had good experience with his performance and work ethics. He explained in advance about details of procedure to my satisfaction. I found him very professional, competent, calm, and pleasant. My only advice is that he should make one courtesy after the surgery to check if patient needed help or advice. I had issues which took longer for me to sort out myself.