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a_new_me79: San Jose: Laparoscopic Roux-en-y gastric bypass's Story

  • ~ a_new_me79: San Jose: Laparoscopic Roux-en-y gastric bypass~

    From the first time I called Dr. Zaré office, my mind went from nervous, to at ease. The person who answered my call was such a sweetheart to me. i had told him all about what had happened before with my insurance, and the other surgeon I was pursuing before Dr. Zaré, and he was very willing to listen to me, and put my mind at ease as much as he possibly could! He has made all of the insurance, paper work, and getting my appointments set up so quick, and easy for me.

    He has always been there to answer any questions while I was waiting for my approval, and even was willing to come in on a weekend to get me my pre opt protein meal replacements. For that, and everything else, I truly thank him! As for Dr. Zaré, He called me the day after I called his office asking questions. He answered all of the many things I asked him, and brought me into my first visit with him only four days latter! He has been very throe with explaining everything that goes into the surgery, as well as having a exceptional power point presentation, that covered all of his education, and degrees, and even showed us exactly what it looks like when they do the different types of WLS. He went over all of the history of all of the many things that have been done from the very first time they started doing WLS in the 1950′s, until today, and how far they have come, and what has been learned over time.

    He spent all of his morning with me, offering to answer any questions I may have. He is a very intelligent, caring, kind man, and I feel so blessed and safe knowing he will be the one to do this for me! I would recommend him to anyone who was interested in looking into WLS! So far, I couldn’t be happier!

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