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M H, VSG's Story

  • ~ M H, VSG~

    VSG Surgery on 12/17/12. Dr. Zaré is a very professional, caring, thorough and phenomenal Surgeon!! Thank you Dr Zare for performing the perfect VSG surgery with no issues or complications. I had put off wls surgery for several years, as this was my first surgery I was increadibly afraid of surgery. Dr. Zaré is a God send! I no longer have a fear of surgery and am so grateful for the VSG surgery! It is changing my life for the better, as I lose weight only need to take Diabetes meds on rare occasion. This is all made possible by Dr. Zaré. Dr. Zaré was the 3rd Surgeon I visited and I am so happy he was the one to performe my surgery! I highly recommend Dr. Zaré to anyone contemplating surgery! It has been a pleasure interacting with Dr. Zaré his wonderful staff (thanks, Amelia)!

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