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G Q San Jose's Story

  • ~ G Q San Jose~

    First of all I just want to deeply thank Dr. Zaré for the exceptional job he did with my surgery. His surgical skills are second to none. I was very reassured when I arrived at the hospital for my surgery and the nursing staff told me how lucky I was that he was my surgeon. My surgery went exceptionally well and I had no complications . I highly recommended Dr. Zaré to my personal physician as well as my co-workers. Dr. Zarée takes the time to explain in great detail what to expect during and after the surgery. He took the time to answer all my wife’s questions and mine. You can tell he is very compassionate from the moment you meet him.

    I would also like to thank the office staff for there professionalism and attentiveness (thanks Ben). I know that if I ever need another surgery I will not hesitate to call on Dr. Zaré.

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