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J C San Jose, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair.'s Story

  • ~ J C San Jose, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair.~

    Fantastic doctor! I had inguinal hernia, which required surgery. After researching the options and seeing another doctor first, I decided to go with laparoscopy. From what I read, laparoscopy should be performed by a doctor who is experience with laparoscopy. I did not know Dr. Zaré before the hernia, but found him from the Blue Shield website and on the internet. Initially I chose him because of his extensive experience with laparoscopy and laparoscopic hernia repair. During the consultation visit with Dr. Zaré, I found him very professional, competent, calm, warm, and pleasant. I liked him and decided to go with the surgery. His office assistant was also nice and competent. Then came the surgery day. The Forest surgery center staff and the anesthesiologist were excellent. Dr. Zaré was a master. My wife drove me back home after the surgery. By 1 pm I was resting at home; I felt well and was able to walk around (slowly), eat, etc. With the pain killer pill, there was little pain. To my surprise, the next day after the surgery I felt well and did not take any pain killers of any kind. The third day was even better, I went out. I went to work part time on the fourth day (I had the operation on Tuesday and worked Friday half day). By Monday, I was almost back to normal. By Friday of the week after the operation, I took a flight. The bottom line is that, from pain perspective, this operation was the best I ever had (I have had others). I am in my mid fifties and healthy. Aesthetically, The operation left hardly any scars. Today is 15 days after the operation, I had my follow-up visit with Dr. Zaré, and I am perfectly back to normal. Results speak for themselves. Dr. Zaré performed an outstanding surgery, and I am very delighted. Highly recommend.

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