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Regina Pittarelli-Wilson's Story

  • ~ Regina Pittarelli-Wilson~

    I had GERD for over 35 years so I was referred to Dr. Zare by my healthcare PPO provider. Dr. Zare repaired my sphincter and hiatal hernia and removed my gallblader. The surgery went very well and the results five months later are fantastic. I never felt pain - only minor discomfort in the first three days. The small incisions (robotic procedure) healed quickly and are fading nicely. No more acid backing up and I am feeling very well. Dr. Zare and his staff provided the most outstanding medical care before and after surgery. He knows the digestive system and is passionate about it. I will continue to refer his services without hesitation as I am confident he has the skills of a master in the field. Thank you Dr. Zare for the help!

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